Texas Team Tennis

Building a Tennis Community One Match at a Time

Texas Team Tennis Flex League

Guidelines For a Successful Season

Scheduling Matches:

Contact your opponent(s) as soon as you receive your schedule. Matches may be played in any order as long as they are played by the final date of play designated for your division. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your matches!  Be considerate and prompt to help make Texas Team Tennis Flex Leagues the best and most enjoyable league for all.

Commitment to Play:

All players are expected to uphold their commitment to the league and the other players in the division by completing all matches.  The key word in Flex League is FLEX!  Be prepared for both weekday and weekend play!           


Both players/teams bring a can of USTA approved balls to the match.  The home team will open the can used for the match.  The winner will keep the unopened can of balls.  

Court Fees:

Please confirm with your opponent the guest fee policy at your facility.  Print a copy of your schedule and keep it in your tennis bag.  This will show your league participation should a facility require proof before you play as a guest.  Guest fees are waived for Flex League players at the following facilities: Sonterra, Oak Hills Country Club, The Tennis Park, Shavano Park Tennis Club.  This list is subject to change, please verify prior to your match.

Opponent is Late: There is a 20 minute default rule. After 20 minutes, the waiting player/team has the option of taking the win by default or waiting longer for the opponent to arrive. The TopDog website and spreadsheet provided prior to league play lists the cell phone numbers of league players.  You should try to contact a late opponent to be sure they are not lost or having traffic problems. Texas Team Tennis Flex Leagues are about playing tennis. We want matches determined on the court whenever possible. To avoid misunderstandings that can lead to unnecessary no shows, players should:

  • Keep cell phones near and turned on
  • Have the opposing player/team's contact numbers on hand
  • Designate a meeting place at the facility (in case both players are at the facility just in different locations)

    If you are running late, call the opposing player/team immediately and provide a time frame in which you will arrive.

    USTA “The Code” Rules of Conduct Apply

    The current USTA Rules will govern play for procedures not covered by Texas Team Tennis Rules.  Please familiarize yourself with the Texas Team Tennis Flex League rules.  Conflicts should be settled by the players using the USTA rules and “The Code”.  All players have the right to question a line call or score.  If you dispute a call, reaffirm with your opponent what they saw and accept their decision.  Remember... Good sportsmanship begins with fair play and a good attitude. Texas Team Tennis will not rule on disagreements between players that are subjective in nature.  While we will not rule on these events, we do want to be informed of all negative behavior.  Players who encounter unsportsmanlike conduct from an opponent are asked to report the incident to the Flex League Director. 

    Texas Team Tennis reserves the right to refuse league play to any player who has a history of unsportsmanlike conduct complaints filed against him/her.