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Texas Team Tennis 

Flex League Rules

1. Level of Play:

Players will be placed in a flight determined by their year-end NTRP level. Players with current NTRP ratings may play at that level or above. Players without an NTRP rating may self-rate according to the NTRP Guidelines. The League Director has the authority to adjust self-rated players for the next season.  There may be no more than 1 rating point difference between doubles partners.

Each level will be divided into flights.  No more than eight (8) and no fewer than four (4) players will be assigned to each flight. 

2. Format of Play:

Match Scoring:  Best 2 out of 3 sets with a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of 3rd set (first to 10 points by 2).  The score for a 3rd set tie break shall be entered as 1-0 for the winner.  Set tiebreak (first to 7 points by 2) at 6-6 in first or second set.

Standings:  Flight standings will be determined by the following point system:  The winning player or team will receive 20 points, the losing player or team will receive the number of points equivalent to the number of games won. A default will be recorded as 15 points for the winner.  A retired match will count as 20 points for the winner and number of games won by the team that retired.

3. Scheduling Matches:

Schedules will be published on the TopDog website listing a date as the primary week for matches to be played. Matches may be played in any order and at any time mutually agreed upon by both players/teams. There is a 20 minute default rule. After 20 minutes, the waiting player/team has the option of taking the win by default or waiting longer for the opponent to arrive.

All matches should be completed and scores entered by the season end date designated for the division.

4. Home/Away:

The schedule will designate the home/away team. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the home player/team is responsible for booking a court and for paying any court costs/guest fees. The home player/team is encouraged to select a mutually convenient match location in consultation with the other player/team.  All matches should be played within the commonly accepted area of the local league.  Both players/teams will bring a can of balls to the match.  The winner will keep the unopened can; the losing player/team will keep the used balls.

5. Score Entry:

It is recommended that the winner enter the score for the match and the opponent confirms it is correct. Either player/team can enter scores. Only the League Director is able to change a score that has already been entered. 

6. Playoffs:

In leagues with multiple flights, a play-off will be scheduled between flight winners. The number of points accumulated throughout the season will determine flight standings.  In the event of a tie, head to head results will determine the final standings.  If a double round robin is used, or head to head is tied for other reasons, then sets won, sets lost, games won, games lost are considered in order until the tie is broken.

7. Conflicts:

Play is self-regulated and the players should work out disputes. Conflicts should be settled by the players using the USTA rules and “The Code”. It is recommended players be familiar with the Code for Un-officiated Matches and know the rules of tennis. Having a copy of Friend at Court is recommended.  

8. Refunds and Transfers

Players may withdraw from a flight prior to the publication of the schedule and will receive a refund of the fee minus a $5 non-refundable registration-processing fee. 

9. Waiver of Claims

Players participating in Texas Team Tennis Flex Leagues acknowledge the risks associated with playing competitive tennis, accept those risks voluntarily, and, in consideration of their acceptance in Flex Leagues assume all risks for bodily injury, waive all claims for injury and property damage, and release and hold harmless Texas Team Tennis and the host facility, their officials, employees, and agents with respect to any injury or loss caused by negligence or otherwise to the fullest extent permitted by law.