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Can a captain go on court to talk to a player?

Yes, the captain (or designated captain) can talk to players on court as long as it does not interfere with continuous play.  Coaching is not allowed between the first and second serve, as the second serve must be struck without delay.


What is meant by continuous play?

20 seconds between serves; 90-second rest period between changeovers.

Are club and/or teaching pros allowed on the court to coach during an ITT match?

Rule 30 states:  Coaching is allowed throughout the match as long as it does not interfere with continuous play. Coaching is not allowed between first and second serves as the second serve must be struck without delay. Only one member of the team is permitted to go out on the court to coach and the coaching must be completed within the twenty (20) second time limit allotted between points. If a club/teaching pro is not listed on the roster as a playing or non/playing captain, he/she is prohibited from going on court to coach a player during a match. Rule 30 does not prohibit club/teaching pros from offering advice on the sideline.



When can a substitution be made?

A substitution can be made after any point is completed.  The timing of the substitution cannot interfere with continuous play.


Can a player who is replaced by a substitute return to play in the same set?

No, once a player is taken out of a set, they cannot return in that same set.


Can a player that is taken out of a set play in a different set of the match?

Yes, a player who is taken out may return to play in a different set, including the super tiebreaker.



When do teams change ends during a match?

Players change ends after every four games of a set.  During a tiebreak, players change sides after every four points.


When can players take a break?

The designated time for rest and water break is at the changeover (every four games).  A player may drink water before the changeover as long as it does not interrupt continuous play.



How is the league winner of a division determined?

Teams with the best overall win/loss record will be placed higher in order of finish.


What if there is a tie in the league standings?

If there is a tie in the final standing between two teams, the tie will be broken in favor of the team with the most direct wins over the tying team.  If a tie still exists, click here for full details


Is there advancement for winning teams of an ITT league?

Yes, winning teams of any official ITT local league division are eligible to attend one (1) Regional Championship within 12 months from the date their local league ends.

Watch the video below to see how the ITT format works.