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Congratulations to the Fall 2018 WTT Champions!

Texas Team Tennis thanks you all for your participation in this fun league!  Congratulations to the following teams who went undefeated this season and earned a trip to a WTT National Qualifier!

3.5 Shadow Cliff Scared Hitless, Tina O'Bryan captain

4.0 Oak Hills Animals,  Susie Kleespies captain, Rudy Obergon non-playing captain

Flex Leagues Return in Spring 2019

Flex Leagues return for 2019!  Looking to play tennis on your own terms?  Flex Leagues provide a schedule of 6-8 matches, scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and place.  It's a great way to improve strategy with your current partner, play with a new partner or just play more tennis!  

Click here to learn more about Texas Team Tennis Flex Leagues.

Check back for more information!

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Check back to see all of our 2019 opportunities to play!  Flex Leagues return for 2019!