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These are unprecedented times, but we’re clear on what matters most. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our players and families.  Right now, that means taking steps to keep everyone safe.  We encourage you all to follow the guidelines set by state and local officials so that we may do our part to contain the spread of this virus.  

Texas Team Tennis is looking forward to providing you opportunities to play such as Combo Mixed and World TeamTennis.  Check back as we will keep you updated on the status of all of our leagues.  We all look forward to getting back on the courts as soon as it is safe to do so.  


Congratulations Fair Oaks Fun 
World TeamTennis 2019 3.5 Champions

Congratulations to the Fair Oaks Fun!  WTT 3.5 Champions!
Good Luck in the National Qualifier May 8-10, 2020, Las Vegas NV

Fair Oaks Fun 
Captain, Angela Perera

Angela Perera

Becca Noble

Dan Weisel

Hiran Perera

Jessica Weisel

Matt Noble

Paul Gravel

Rachel Gravel


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